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Commercial Places in Karachi

Dolmen Group

+92 21 3529 6062-4

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

The Dolmen Group is one of Pakistan’s leading real-estate companies, primarily engaged in the development, construction and management of prime commercial real-estate. Read more…


0321 2700546

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

We are contractors in Karachi, Pakistan constructing & renew-ate Houses, Bungalows, School, Colleges & Universities. In Additional we have some very good Architects & Engineers available for your good quality construction & beautiful elevations. Read more…

Asian Building Systems

+92 42 3588 5525-7

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

Asian Building Systems (PVT) Ltd. is a firm having multifunctional automatic/semi-automatic fabrication facilities and design capabilities based on latest international codes. Read more…

Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

92 21 35886401-5

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

DHA has attained a valuable status serving as a benchmark for providing unparallel living standards in Pakistan. Pakistan Defense Officers Housing Authority currently owns and manages over an area of 8,797 Acres, serving several families. Read more…