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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings in Karachi

Steelex (Pvt.) Limited

(92 21) 32564237 - 32578290 - 32565833 - 32565866

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

Steelex (Pvt.) Limited established in 1979, as a modest production house for manufacturing high frequency induction welded M.S (Mild Steel) and G.I (Galvanized Iron) pipes. Confirming to B.S (British Standard) and ASTM (American Standard of Testing Material) standards. Read more…

International Industries Limited

(92 21) 3508 0451-55

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

International Industries Limited (IIL) is the premium producer of steel tubing, galvanized iron pipes and polyethylene pipes in Pakistan. International Industries Limited (IIL) was incorporated in Pakistan in 1948 as Sir Sultan Chinoy and Co. Ltd. Read more…