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Civil Works in Karachi


+92 21 32563387, +92 21 34269551, +92 21 32572000, +92 21 34269551

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

Husaini Electric Works (Hewolt) people remain in study and contacts with the latest development in the World today or ever, we complete thousands of big and small projects of complex nature whether, that is a City beautifying and development, electrical services, energy conservation & latest technology providing, we always talk… Read more…

Asian Building Systems

+92 42 3588 5525-7

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

Asian Building Systems (PVT) Ltd. is a firm having multifunctional automatic/semi-automatic fabrication facilities and design capabilities based on latest international codes. Read more…

Pipe Plus

021 35314351-3

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

ETG (ETERNAL TRADING GROUP) established in the year 1978 as a trading group importing yarn and manufacturing fabric in Pakistan , Gradually shifted to apparel business and started exporting to USA and Canada. Read more…