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Home Appliances in Karachi


+92 213 4150832

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

ult on Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air conditioning in 1902, Carrier is the world leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Read more…


(92) 21-34572359, (92) 301-8248227

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

Siemens Middle East provides advanced technology solutions across the entire electrification value chain with strong expertise in automation and digitalization to help its customers increase efficiency and create value. Read more…


9221-2790283 / 2790281 / 2790282

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

We believe that we all play a part in creating a better life for the world. We look to both our past and to our future to find inspiration for today. Read more…


+92 21 565 2450 - 9

10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

Since 1980, Dawlance Premium Home Appliances Company has been turning houses into homes with thoughtfully innovative household appliances. The legacy of Dawlance – that now stretches over more than 3 decades – started off with the production of Refrigerators. Read more…